Craft fair find of the century


Someone please pinch me. I think I’ve died and gone to handmade heaven! While strolling through the isles of the The Renegade Craft Fair today for future holiday gifts (to myself) I came upon a treasure that was so amazing, so fantastic, that I didn’t…couldn’t buy just one, I bought two! Crafted from the skilled hands of a loving mother, these finely tailored pieces truly are priceless works of art. In fact, my first thought was to selfishly covet them, revealing to no one from whence they came. But then I realized, my find was so good, that it was my duty to share it – it would be a sin not to!

Ladies (and some charismatic gentlemen) I introduce you to … the most amazing apron in the world!

Made from thick durable cotton in chic colorful prints, is the best fitting apron you will ever find. It flatters the body like no other, and makes me want to break out a cookie sheet and dance! Move over Martha, this girl’s got a secret weapon … my sexy apron! Here’s where to find them… i am dorkas

PS. Don’t let the name fool you. These are anything but dorky. I believe it’s a Finnish namesake.

<3 Brooke

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