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Garage & Bake Sale Tips

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


Inspired by my fashionista apron (see blog post below) I decided to join my neighborhood garage sale with none other than, an impromptu bake sale! After all, what’s the point of having this cute apron if nobody gonna see it? However, once the sale was over and my own stomach was stuffed with rice krispy treats and brownies, I realized something very important… in order to have a successful sale of any kind, you have to be really organized! Here are some tips and tricks for your next garage or bake sale…

Garage Sales:

1) Post signs early! You want to get the hype going before the big day, so make sure the neighborhood knows in advance. If you’re internet savvy, advertise your sale on websites like Craigslist and yard sale treasure map.

2) Use bright signs. With a nice clean font, print or hand write your signs with a dark marker on brightly colored paper .

3) Put your good stuff out in front. With garages sales, it’s all about curb appeal. Put your TVs, framed art, and large pieces of furniture out in front to grab the attention of the intimidated shoppers who do drive by’s before coming in.

4) Keep your inventory organized. If the majority of your sale items are clothing, hang your good stuff on an inexpensive clothing rack, (found at your local Bed Bath and Beyond, Target or Container Store) while organizing your smaller stuff – such as t-shirts, shorts, and pants, in labeled boxes. Pull out the expensive stuff you wish to haggle over, leaving everything in the boxes to be one set price which is then labeled accordingly. Ex: All t-shirts $5.

5) Have change ready to go. You don’t want to turn people away because you can’t break a 20. Make sure you have bills and coins of all shapes and sizes to accommodate those evil bargain hunters who always talk you down, no matter how much that poster was your favorite in college.

6) Set up like Fort Knox. Rather than a money box which is easily transportable, try keeping your stash on you in a Scrooge McDuck money bag or a fanny pack for quick and easy cash transactions. Lululemon’s Travel Pooch is my favorite if you’re looking for a fashionable alternative.

Bake Sales:

1) Make a cute sign. Lemonade stands and bake sales sell themselves, but you still want to entice peoples eyes, not just their stomachs. Opt to make a handmade sign for that old fashioned feel. My fav is hanging colored paper squares or coasters with sparkly letters from twine using clothes hangers. Don’t be afraid to let your inner Martha Stewart come out.

2) Presentation is key. For my bake sale, I ran to the nearest flea market and found the most amazing 2 tiered shabby chic cake stand ever! I added it to my current collection of vintage plates, and gave my bake sale table appeal that no one (not even the strictest of dieters) could resist.

3) Wear a cute apron! A cute apron goes a long way!

<3 Brooke